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hi, i'm new with a story and some questions.

I just wanted to share my story and ask a few questions. i first heard about cups on another message board. it was mostly young girls and every once and a while we would have debates like cake vs pie etc. During a debate about tampons vs pads some girls started talking about ' i love the diva cup' and 'go mooncup".  everyone was confused and people explained what cups were and why they feel that they were better. my first reaction was shock, not because i was grossed out but because i never even thought that there could be an alternative to pads and tampons (i don't know why). anyways i was interested so i looked  up the keeper (the first one that was mentioned). i thought it was a good idea for others but i was convinced that it wouldn't fit (the keeper looked super intimidating and the latex was a huge turn off ). i but the idea to rest and didn't really think about it again.  about i year later i was studying abroad and started to use a different brand of pads.  even though ive bee getting my period for years and that i'm 20 years old, travailing down the pad aisle in a different country in a different language was tough and the pads would tear open easier. somehow the idea of cups made my way back into my mind, i don't know how cause i briefly looked at them before. anyway i looked up information on this site and picked the small Yuuki cup. I had it sent to my house in America and i was excited to get it after travailing around Europe and Asia a bit :).

After i got my cup i inserted it on the second try but i could really feel it, especially the stem band it really made me have to pee but i heard that would go away and it did mostly. My first cycle with the cup went great, no leaking or even residual. i was skeptical at first because i couldn't feel my cervix while off of my period but during my cycle it moved down and i could feel it so i know where to place my cup. i felt so confident that i took off my back off pad and i'm usually very careful.

now for some questions. I've always been a pad girl and i'm a virgin so i know that the cup will take some getting used to but is it common to feel like the cup is causing you to lubricate more?  this only happens when i have my cup in and it's not really going away.  has this happened to anyone else?   Also i don't think i'm really getting much suction if any. sometimes i can feel the cup move up or down but i never have a leak. is this ok or am i doing something wrong? Finally, i am concerned about the stem. i guess  i got mine when they were switching over from the solid stem (i don't know if that would have been better though) .aside from when i feel the cup moving i don't feel it aside from the stem (but only sometimes)but i don't want to cut it cause i have a hard time putting one finger in my vagina when the cup is in so i think i might need it. will i get used to that just like u got over the urge to urinate with a cup in?
I just want to thank everyone here for all the information that you've all provided, i was ok with using pads but i love my Yuuki so much!
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