lizgb (lizgb) wrote in menstrual_cups,

tampons suck!

Hello, I posted on this community a few times several years ago when I was first starting out with my Moon Cup UK. Since then I've been a happy cup user and even teach workshops on alternative menstrual products! About a month ago I had a Mirena IUD inserted. So far I love my Mirena, but I'm not allowed to use my cup for a month or two to protect against expulsion. Anyway, I figured this would be no big deal, since before I got my cup I was a happy tampon user (I switched to the cup for environmental and cost reasons). Anyway, I got my first post-IUD period yesterday, and would just like to say: TAMPONS SUCK!!!! Damn, how did I use those things for most of my period having life? Ugh, they are gross and dry and I have to actually CHANGE them more than once every day and a half. Also, these annoying cramps I used to get pre-moon cup have returned (although, thanks to the Mirena, other cramps of disappeared:) ). Anyway, just wanted to say how much I love my menstrual cup and can't wait to be able to use it again! Anyone out there who is still struggling with their new cup: keep at it! Once you figure it out you'll never go back!
Tags: iud, mooncup (uk), tampons
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