sillydraydray (sillydraydray) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My cup only leaks when im sleeping...

So this happened once last period the first night I thought it was because I had it in wrong. Well this time my period started at 2 AM and I put my cup in but I used a different fold, the 7 fold, which was the first thing I thought caused my leaking. I have a little puppy so I get woken up a lot and when I did a few hours later I had leaked so I got up checked my cup no blood in. It was all on the outside so I put it back in using the punch down fold which is what I normally use and went back to bed after walking my puppy. Well I woke up an hour later for good and I had leaked again no blood in the cup. I put it back in and it didn't leak until I layed down to watch tv and my stomach hurt so I guess I tighten it up and I guess that broke the seal. Has anyone only leaked at night and been able to fix it I don't mind buying reusable pads I just really want to be able to use my cup at night. This did happen the first night of my last period to but that was my first cylce with a cup. This is only my 2nd.

Something else, I put my cup in today and noticed it seemed like it was pointing down and I pushed it upwards a little and checked to see if my cervix was in and is was sitting on it so I pushed it back down. It feels like my cup is pointing down not up. Is that normal?
Tags: leakage & spotting

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