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Need Help removing Cup...

So I'm a virgin, have never even masturbated, in the past have only been able to fit one finger up there, but have been using super size tampons for 7 or so years.

I got the lunette cup. I have a low cervix, maybe an inch up there around my period, not much further the rest of the time either. I thought maybe the tampons rubbing against it might be what gave me such bad cramps, so I try this cup.

My period is supposed to come tomorrow. So tonight I decide to try it on, maybe so I won't have to worry about bloodying my sheets during the night. It was damn hard to get in... it hurt.... because nothing that width have ever gotten in... but I was determined, I mean, $40 for this thing!

Got it in. But couldn't get it out. It's so hard to get a good grip on it!

And now in my recent attempt I removed my fingers to find them bloody. I don't know if I just made my period start, it just happened to start, or if I've damaged myself.

How do I get this thing out of me?!

Edit: Holy crap after posting this I finally got it out. I get I just had to get a really good grip on it, and at some point I could finally fold it. And it is just my period going by the clot that came out too, but I do think I started it a bit prematurely- usually my period doesn't start or spit out clots quite so quickly, and I really don't think it was a coincidence it hadn't started before I put the cup it, but started when I tried to take the cup out.

Edit2: Also just saw the comments. Thanks for the help, though, I guess I got it out before reading them. I will gladly take any advice for the future though.

Edit3: I also just looked up the alternate folds to the "C" fold. Those may make things easier... 

Edit 4: Somehow convinced myself to put it back in. Origami fold worked well. My vagina still hurts from the earlier struggle, but I just hope this will allow a full 8 hours sleep instead of with a tampon where I'd have to change it earlier. AND I'VE BEEN DEALING WITH THIS FOR AN HOUR AND  A HALF NOW. And here I thought I was going to go to bed at a reasonable hour for once. 

Edit 5: So I wake up, did get my 8 hours of sleep, but empty the cup (only took my two tries this time to get it out, and now I don't hurt at all down there, woo), and it's only brown blood like how my period usually starts off. So... still not sure what was up with that red blood last night. Whatever. Guess I'll just keep an eye on it. Unfortunate though, I was hoping to get the worst of it over it before going out to eat tonight with my dad... or going out of town tomorrow... but maybe that won't be the case. Though, if I can use the cup, that should be cool because it can hold more than a super tampon, right?

Also, sort of random, but when I got my lunette it came in a purple pouch. Purple is my least favorite color. Therefore I found it oddly appropriate. Besides, I won't lose it, since it matches nothing I own. Would rather have have a black one though. Or red.

EDIT 6: Today my period has been completely nonexistant. WTF? Now I'm really confused. I've just been wearing a reg tampon since it was brown this morning, but really, nothing, so odd. Though I remember last time my period tricked me too, by showing a spot of blood maybe two days early, forcing me to wear tampons around even when nothing was happening. Not fun. Maybe I should actually buy some pads (I've never owned any...). Bah. Doesn't it understand I really want it over so I'm not having to deal with it so much this weekend? Besides, it's the 4 week mark, usually this is the longest it waits to start, from 3 weeks 5 day to 4 week, only 1 or 2 days more than that maybe... a few times in my life.
Tags: first time use, lunette, removal - painful or problems, virginity
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