kohitsumori (kohitsumori) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup experience, second month

My first month using a cup was both good and bad. I had gotten a small Diva cup. I have a heavy flow, so the small cup wasn't sufficient for my heavy flow (emptying every 3 hours, and if I didn't the cup would overflow). I never had problems with inserting/opening the cup my first month, it's almost been like a second nature to me. After asking around on the community, I decided to get a larger cup for my heavy flow, so now I have a large Yuuki and a small Diva. During my second month, I've been using the large Yuuki, and I just love it. No problems overflowing or leaking (emptying it every 6-8 hours). I might be an oddball here, but I have kept the stems on both my cups. I prefer that the stems stay on. They don't bother me all that much and it just comforts me that the stem in there so I have an easier time grabbing the cup. I prefer the Yuuki's stem to the Diva's stem because the Yuuki stem is much longer, hollow, and squishy. I am much comfortable with the longer stem design, as it comforts me in knowing I won't 'lose' the cup inside me (my fingers are tiny and my cervix is very high, and am not too keen about digging for the cup, which I sometimes had to do with the Diva). I love my Yuuki, it's great! Also, since my first month using cups, I wanted to stop using disposable pads all together. This month, I've sewn together my own cloth pads. So far I've only made two - one pantyliner, one overnight - but I plan on making more pads (I hand sew mine, so it takes me about 3-6 hours to make one pad). I love them already. They're so much better than disposables; they're like personalized menstrual items, not something I'd just throw out in the garbage. I'll be using them as backup in combination with my cups. Menstrual cups and cloth pads for the win! =)
Tags: divacup, first time use, heavy blood flow, pads - cloth, success stories, yuuki

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