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Weird cycle? UPDATE SEE REPLY:)

Hi everybody!

I am now just over 10months postpartum and got my cycle back a few months ago.  This is my 3rd postpartum cycle and 2nd cycle using a cup (I have a large ladycup).  My first 2 cycles postpartum were VERY heavy.  I was using a tampon for the 1st and was filling a super in less than an hour.  My dr. said not to be concerned.  Then last cycle I tried out my cup and thanks to all your advice it went pretty smoothly.  I did have some seemingly heavy days but wasn't changing more than every 4hrs.  My period lasted 9 days though which is much more than normal and the last 3 were spotting.  Now this cycle has been seemingly VERY light.  I am not used to seeing my cycle in a cup so I don't really know if it just seems light since I'm used to tampons. I had trimmed my stem since last cycle and tried dry-run inserting to see how it fit and ended up starting my period the next day( about the day should have but can a cup cause it to start sooner?)  I have been on my period 4 days which usually include 2heavy days but I have only emptyed my cup every 12hrs and there really isn't anything to empty just a tiny bit in the bottom that needs rinsed.  It now started looking brown and mucousy so I'm not sure if it's almost over?

So-sorry talking so long!  I'm wondering could I have caused my period to start a little early so it's just spotting now and not quite started? is it normal for your cup to change your cycle this much?  Will my cycle be lighter but longer with a cup?  OR is this probably just from postpartum and getting back to normal (although this never happened with my first child).  THANKS for all your help!  This cycles just weirding me out but on the plus side the cup is working great!
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