americanthunder (americanthunder) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Trouble with new Ladycup

Hello gals, I am new to the community, hihi everyone.
I recieved my new ladycup in the mail yesterday (size small) and today I decided to try it.
I am 20 years old, sexually active, but I cannot get it in. I looked through the older posts on this community and I can't understand the problem. I have tried lube, and I tried different positions, and I know the angle I need to be inserting it in, it just hurts!
I am not currently on my period so I thought it would be better to try it now instead of while I'm having cramps or something.
If it means anything now I was diagnosed with microperforate hymen years ago-- could not insert anything into my vagina at all--
 of course now that I'm not a virgin I don't think that has much to do with it, though my husband isn't very well endowed.
I think it has to do with that I am just not aroused and therefore the muscles are tight while trying to insert the cup but I'm not sure how to make this easier. Have tried the Cfold and and the pinch-down fold and neither worked.
Could it be that I should just wait for a better time to try it? maybe in a day or so?

Advice please, especially if someone knows of a smaller cup.

Also, one more quick question, it may sound dumb, but , once I get it in, how can I tell when its full and needs to be emptied?

Thank you.
Tags: insertion - painful or problems

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