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cramps ;'(

well i finally started my period today and i remembered that i could put in the cup just in case i think it might start and when i got home today and felt intense cramps, i went to the bathroom, took out the cup by breaking the seal and tilting it left to right and there was the blood. about 1/4 of the cup was full. i'm much more comfortable with insertion and removal, and the lube to help me out came in today(lucky timing :3) but tonight, i noticed that my cramps just won't ease themselves while i'm wearing the cup. i'm using a small fleurcup and i know those are on the stiffer side of the cup world and i know personally my first day has the worst cramps, even with medicine taken. i was wondering if i should just give my body time to get to know the this particular cup better before i try a much softer, but short cup with good capacity. i reallly want this fleurcup to work because it's been working so well for this very first cycle of me using it.
Tags: cramps, first time use, fleurcup

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