Jen (my_name_is_jenn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking. :(

So I'm a new Diva user. 26, no kids, not a virgin. Got the small Diva and did a few dry runs before using it for the first time last week.

It leaked. A lot. I read through the entries on here about leakage and tried a few different approaches. What really seemed to work for me was to just stick it in a bit, let it pop open, then push it on up there. My main issue is that I'm having trouble finding my cervix. I'm sticking my poor finger in as far as it will go and not coming up with anything. I think I *may* have found it a couple of times, but just barely. So I'm apparently very long. ;p

When I pulled the cup out, it was catching a lot of blood, but it wasn't anywhere near full. And it wasn't just a little residual slobber leakage. It was a fairly significant amount. I'm hoping this is just first-time user issues and I'll figure everything out with a little more practice.

Until then, anyone have any suggestions/ideas as to why it's leaking so much?

Thank you. :)
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