Earthymamawitch (earthymamawitch) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking for a VGU large capacity cup?

This is my 4th month using the US Keeper Mooncup now and I continue to have the same horrid issues with leakage no matter what I do. I've used different folds to put it in, positioned it slightly different ways, been over all the troubleshooting hints & tricks. I think it has a good seal, it pops open, I can rotate it etc. I just leak small amounts constantly, whether its full or not, and sometimes large amounts. At first it felt like maybe my cervix sat too low for it, but this cycle that doesn't seem to be an issue - I'm at 6 months postpartum now and suspect that my cervix may just have been hanging out lower than usual while adjusting after birth. So length of cup is no longer so much an issue. Could it possibly be that the cup is too skinny? I've had 8 kids, and while I have no complaints from my partner about things being, erm, "stretched out" below - sorry if TMI! lol - it does make me wonder if a fatter cup would seal better with my vaginal walls or something? Or my shape inside? I just feel I really need to try something else at this point, as the d@mn thing just keeps leaking.

I did get a Medium Meluna during the low cervix time frame, it didn't leak so much, however it didn't seem to hold as much and filled faster - I do have a VERY heavy flow the first few days of my cycle. So whatever I use has to be high capacity. And sometimes it feels like the Mooncup filled very fast as well - I believe they both have 15 ml capacities so whatever I get needs to be *at least* that if not more.

So I was wondering if anyone here has any gently used cups that they want to get rid of, size large? I'm particularly eying the Lunette, Lady Cup, Fleurcup and Yukki, because of the hoop skirt shape vs. the narrow bodies shape, but am open to other options as well. I do have the Mooncup to swap or sell, but also have paypal. Just keep in mind that with my large family we are on a tight budget so I need a bargain bin cup! LOL (the only reason I got the Mooncup was because I went thru a co-op and got wholesale price) My hubby's like, "why do you need to buy 50 MILLION different cups??? MAKE IT WORK!" Obviously, being a man, he doesn't get it! LOL


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