rosesrblooming (rosesrblooming) wrote in menstrual_cups,

leaking meluna

A little background info: I'm almost 30 and have had 4 vaginal births, however I think my PC muscles are in pretty good condition.  I am also I very small person I'm 4'10" and weigh 105 at the moment.  I have a short vaginal canal and my cervix sits quite low during menstruation, so my chief concern was the length of my cup.  I wasn't overly concerned about the width b/c even though I know my ability to stretch I am still fitted with a diaphragm that is smaller than the smallest one the GYN keeps in her office.  OK so after quite a bit of research, and hemming and hawing I got the small MeLuna, like I said b/c of  the length.  tried it out for the first time yesterday on a very low flow day and had some pink spotting, so today I tried the complimentary medium the company sent me and it seems the length there is not a problem, but the leakage is worse (the flow is much heavier too, though) every time i sit down I can feel some blood squishing out. Even if it's 2 seconds after I empty and reinsert.  I'm pretty comfortable with my body and as certain as I think I can be that it is fully opened.  What do you think? should I go bigger? are there other things I need to consider?
Tags: diaphragms & cervical caps, leakage & spotting, meluna
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