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First time - Success!

Just recently I decided to give cups a try, and I'd posted just previously about giving a review once I'd had a chance to try it.

Well, I got my cup in the mail yesterday, and was delighted! I got the Lunette Selene Small. My periods are fairly light due to being on birth control, and I was fairly certain that I wouldn't need anything large (and certainly not long). Of course, I couldn't wait to do a dry run, lol. My body and I have a pretty good working relationship. Plus I'm quite calm and not prone to panicking if something doesn't work quite right the first time. So I tried a dry run and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. I tried the 7 fold, which worked like a charm. I let the cup pop open and then move it, to make sure it opened. Honestly, it took me only a few minutes to get the hang of it. I was totally surprised. Almost didn't believe I'd gotten it right, lol! Removal was just as easy, and with those grip rings at the base, I had no troubles.

Good thing my dry run went so well, because I got the chance to use it today! I took it with me to work to show to a co-worker (who thought it was the coolest thing ever ;-D). Then later that afternoon, to my surprise, I had the chance to take it for it's first test drive! If every day goes as well as today did, I could see why cups are SO the way to go. I had absolutely no issues. I was kind of expecting to screw up the first couple of times until I got the hang of it, but I think my body and I are working pretty well together on this one. The only thing I might've struggled with would've been getting the cup to pop open (as I have pretty strong pelvic muscles), but thanks to what I read here I chose to let the cup pop open further down and then Kegel it up. No issues!

Hopefully things go this smoothly for the next couple of days. So far, I'm pretty stoked. Who knew I'd say that about my period? lol


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