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Maybe it's not endometriosis, but what is it?

Hello Everyone,

I've been a cup user for about 10 months now (large Yuuki) and I LOVE my cup. I would cry if I had to use pads or tampons.

For the last 3 months, I've been having some very uncomfortable symptoms during my period. Actually, I only experience these symptoms on the 2nd day.

On the first day, I have my normal cramps (in the lower part of my abdomen). On the second day, I have this weird and intense stabbing pain in my rectum (sorry if that was TMI) and abdominal pain. It does not feel like menstrual cramps at all. It is different. The pain in my abdomen almost feels like gastro-intestinal pain.

Last month, I had the same stabbing pain in my rectum but it moved to all over my abdomen and intensified (like someone was continually stabbing me). It was so intense that I stayed in bed the entire day.

Finally, I spoke to my 3 sisters about it (2 doctors and one nurse practitioner but none is in the gyno field) and told them I had the cup in while it was happening. They said I should remove it just in case, but the pain was still there after I took it out. Finally, they told me to take three Advil (regular strength) and the pain disappeared.

One of my sisters mentioned that it could be endometriosis from how I described the pain. But we have no family history of endo. Also, my flow has not increased at all. It is the same as it's been before (I can tell, thanks to the cup). Even on my heaviest day (2nd), I only come close to filling the cup (but never overflowing) after about 10 hours. And the "texture" of my flow hasn't changed either. I have never had clots and still don't have any. Nothing has changed at all besides the pain in my abdomen.

I honestly don't believe that I have endo, but I've never had these types of problems with my period before. I've always known what to expect: cramps on day 1, heaviest day on day 2, smooth sailing until day 5. The end.

I dunno if you guys can give me any clues as to what's going on. Has anyone else here experienced these symptoms? My period's coming up this weekend and for the first time in 10 months, I'm dreading it.

By the way, I'm 23 and not sexually active.

Please help!
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