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So I've started donating a pint to the porcelain gods.

Hi there. I have a question that I apparently need the internet to answer, since I don't have a way to contact my doctor at any point in the near future. Figured I'd ask here, since this is the only community I know of with people who use menstrual cups. :)
I'll give a little back story: Back in the day, I used to have a "normal" period. five days, with one or two having a heavy flow. Normal. Then I went on Depo-Provera and my period stopped. Stopped Depo, period came back same as before. Got pregnant, had a kid. Went back on Depo the second my doctor would shoot me up. Stopped it 7 months ago. Period finally came back three months ago, and I've been using the DivaCup since it came back. BLOODBATH. Three straight days of emptying the cup every 1-1.5 hours, filled to the 1/2 oz mark and overflowing. (Since it overflows sliiiightly over the 1/2 oz mark, I'm assuming the rest of the cup is filled with my cervix, which I've never actually been able to feel.) I mean, I could paint the walls with what comes out just while I'm sitting on the toilet. It's horrendous, and stuff like this is the reason I started Depo in the first place. I hate blood. Then two days of what I would've considered a heavy flow, three years ago. My period is ruining my life. I'm considering borrowing the neighbor's phone to call out sick from work for the next two days because I don't think I can come up with that many excuses to run to the bathroom every hour on the hour.
So I've ballparked my output around 13-14 ounces per month. And since everything I can find online references how many tampons or pads you change in "x" amount of hours, I have no idea if this considered a "get your hindparts to the doctor ASAP kthx" amount. Is it? From my perspective, it seems really, really excessive. To the point where I'm tossing around the idea of ablation even though it will kill my fertility.
Help me, folks. The tiny shreds of my sanity rest in your hands.
Tags: divacup, doctors, heavy blood flow
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