Bea (1111bm) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Another cup pouch

Hi everyone, I really don't mean to spam this community with pouch pictures, but my mother did it again! (she's stuck at home, recovering from toe surgery, and she's bored *g)
And I just have to share, because I looove the idea. How cool is the fact that the cup actually goes "up there"? Very true-to-life! ;)
(and no, according to my mother, this isn't supposed to be a mini-version of me...)

EDIT: If you all like it so much, I could ask my mom if she would like to make a few dolls to sell them to those who can't crochet themselves and are interested in buying one. But we live in Germany/Poland, so be prepared that shipping would be somewhat higher.
As for a pattern, I'm gonna ask her if she could write one down and if she does, I'll add it to this entry.

Tags: cup pouch & storage
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