cosmodiva (cosmodiva) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Sterilizing cup after having BV

Hey everyone. 
I have been using my Diva cup for over a year now and I think it is the greatest thing ever.  I will never use a tampon or pad again.
Anyways, 2 months ago during my period I forgot about my diva cup and left it in for 2 days.  When I took it out it reeked.  It was horrible.  It was towards the end of my cycle, so it was mainly just the normal white discharge.  
I was just recently diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and I think it is from leaving the cup in for too long during that period.  Since then I have had another period and used my diva cup.  How can I sterilize my cup to make sure there aren't any bacteria left on it from the BV?  I don't want to go and reinfect myself during my next period.  

Since I have been using the cup, I always just take it out and rinse it out with water and then put it back in.  Then at the end of my cycle I will wash it out with the diva wash.  Will the diva wash get rid of any bacteria on it?  Do I need to boil it?  

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