Jennifer-Chan (finalfantasyo13) wrote in menstrual_cups,

here's an update

well, in my previous post i was having trouble with my dry runs. i'm going to order wet naturals bare water-based lube. :) also, i did a few more 2 more dry runs after letting my lady bits rest and they were actually much better. i was much more relaxed and i think my lady bits are getting used to it. i also trimmed the stem to the last line right underneath the end of the cup. i appreciate all the help and words of encouragement everyone here has given me :). i still have a couple questions though:

so i use the punch down or origami folds(turned the other way so the cup opens towards my pelvic bone, not my bladder) to insert the cup, but it seems i still can't get it far enough as the end of the cup is just inside my vagina and the stem is a little out of my opening. i tried the kegeling in place method and the coaxing of the cup in the right the direction the rest of the way, but it feels like it's not moving at all. is there any way i can get the cup farther so it's not so close to the opening?

also, would a summers' eve or the new vagisil feminine wash be ok to use to wash my cup?
Tags: dry run, first time use, insertion
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