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New, with questions.

Hi all!

I heard about the Diva Cup for the first time today and was directed to this site.  I really like what I'm seeing and am interested in trying a cup. 

I've been doing a lot of reading, and have a few questions that maybe someone could answer for me.  I now know that there are quite a few different types of cups besides the Diva and so far the Yuuki or the Lunette seem like the ones for me.  I'm worried about a large lip.  Sometimes when I use tampons I it's a little painful, especially when putting it in.  I thought this was from my hymen, but after reading about how to find cervix depth I've found I have no hymen.  I'm not sure if it's from using tampons or bike/horseback riding as a kid (I'm not sure if this is an old wives tale?) but I could clearly feel my cervix with my middle finger, about 3 inches long.

I believe I'm about to start my period tomorrow, so is it possible my cervix is hanging low? Or is that only when bleeding?  Should I feel again during my period to see where my cervix is, then again after my period, before buying?  

Also, in your opinion (who ever cares to answer) is the best first-time? I'm leaning towards one with grippers and possible a ball or tail at the bottom to help grab, but I'm not positive about this.  Like I mentioned before, I'm a little unsure about the cups with larger lips, as I can be sensitive.   In everyone's opinion, what the easiest (or most flexible) cup they've tried?


ETA: 21, virgin

Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, virginity
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