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hey ladies :)

I've been lurking here for the past few months, did thorough research on which cup could suit me best, and today i got the small fleurcup i ordered :) i boiled it and did a dry run with several different folds and it was reallllllly hard and painful to get the cup in and to remove it as well. after 2 attempts and 2 hours(one hour in the shower) and trying different positions, i gave up for the night even though i wanted to wear it overnight to see how comfortable it should be.

i find that the smallest folds such as the origami fold where they are rolled up tightly are best. i find i can't get the cup far enough while inserting it. there was one time during the dry run that i finally got it in, but the stem was still sticking out of my vagina and i honestly didn't feel it too much, but you can imagine how uncomfortable the stem was since it was still on the outside.

i don't know if this had to do with me not getting it in far enough for the one time it did work, but the grip rings were rather irritating. should i turn it inside out? the combination of my two fingers used to insert and the folded cup my have something to do with this, idk :(. I'm sitting here and my lady bits are realllly sore(especially my labia and opening) and i really want this cup to work :(

any suggestions on what i should do to make this go smoother? thanks :)
Tags: dry run, first time use, fleurcup, insertion, inside-out, removal, seal & suction

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