Lightstep (lightstepmare) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Took the Plunge

Hey everyone,

I stumbled across this website some time ago after searching for tips and advice on managing my period while camping. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. Honestly, I must've visited these forums everyday for the first few weeks, reading and learning a ton! Let me tell you, at first I was totally overwhelmed! I grew up basically learning that periods were 'bad' and 'icky', so I never was really comfortable with it. Then I read all these sweet and supportive comments by you guys, how helpful everyone is... and it's really helped me become comfortable with my body :-)

As such, I finally decided to buy a cup! Yay! My small Lunette is currently on it's way to me. Blue, of course. Can you believe I'm actually excited for my next few periods? Who would've thought I'd ever say that? Lol!

Can't wait to try it out. I'll definitely post my results once I get to give her a 'test drive', lol!

You guys are so awesome, so I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the courage and confidence to try this. Thank you :-)

EDIT: Just got my Lunette Selene in the mail today! First thing I did? Open it up and play with it, lol! It was actually way squishier than I thought it would be. Period should be here in the next few days. Can't wait to see if it works for me :-)
Tags: first time use
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