cory77 (cory77) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Horseback riding and loss of suction

Hi everyone! I was hoping that maybe there are some other riders out there who use cups who can help me. (Or others who don't ride and just generally have more cup experience!)

I have been using a cup for a little over a year and rarely have any leakage problems. Today I was riding my horse and she spooked at something, moving to the side unexpectedly. The second she did it I could feel my cup lose suction! Luckily it wasn't a catastrophic failure, but still enough that I was unhappy. I was using my small LadyCup, which as we all know is rather tiny. Do you think I would have had less of a problem with a larger cup? (I also have a small Lunette- love it for its higher capacity, but generally the LadyCup is more comfortable for me.) Or is it just something unavoidable that occasionally happens?
Tags: sports/physical activities
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