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First Timer

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank everyone here for all of the absolutely amazing information you have in this community. I'm 31 and have had 3 live births and a miscarriage. Over the last two years my monthly cycle has been absolutely terrible -- huge clots, massive cramps and just generally hating being a woman (I've wanted to kick the Always people in the face when they had their "have a happy period" campaign!).

This June when I had my yearly checkup, I talked to the nurse practitioner and just said this is ridiculous. I can't keep going through this every month. She put me on Sprintec to help with the clots and heaviness even though I had a tubal ligation with my youngest (who is 7). With everything her and I talked about, and armed with that prescription, I started doing some research and was massively appalled at the information I was finding about tampon use and came to the conclusion that the majority of the issues I was experiencing with my cycles were likely due to tampons (which I've used almost exclusively since I was 15).

I've tried Instead softcups a few times but found they just didn't last as long as I needed them to without leaking (I'm an elementary teacher so bathroom breaks for me are often few and far between). I have ended up using them solely so that I can have sex during my cycle. I knew there just had to be a better day-time and overnight solution...and that's when I happened upon this community. I'm so glad I did!

After reading and researching I purchased a large MeLuna and am on my first cycle with it now. I am super impressed with it. I had a mishap the first time I used it (pushed it too far up and it didn't unfold and then I couldn't get it out and my husband had to help me...can't even tell you how embarrassing that was...he didn't seem to mind/care, but I was mortified lol). But since then, it has been absolute heaven! I am IN LOVE with this cup. I've been very pleasantly surprised that I haven't even needed to use a liner or anything. Today is a heavier flow day for me and I had it in for 8 straight hours without a single leak which will definitely get me through a full school day. I just wish I had found out about these sooner!

Plus, I think a combination of the pill usage and not using tampons has already made this cycle about a million times better than the ones I've had recently. Almost no clots at all and cramps so slight, they are barely noticed at all. For the first time in a VERY long time, I can say I've had a happy period!

Thanks menstrual_cups for all of the advice and support you provide (even to lurkers like myself). I'm now on a mission to ensure my 3 daughters never use tampons.
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