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Feeling overwhelmed with what would work for me.

Hi everyone!

After reading about the horribleness of tampons(the non organic kind ie; tampax) I've become incredibly concerned about what I'm putting into my body, not to mention TSS, which I'm reading is not as "rare" as it may initially been thought.

Having researched organic tampons I felt frustrated because they cost so much more and I already feel I waste a lot of money on Tampax which I normally use...I didn't want to keep spending the money on something that I already feel wasteful with and in general feel like I'm harming the Earth with.

I've come back and forth to this community a few times now in considering a Menstrual Cup. (just now researched for about 2 hours!) I've considered a cup for about a year but not until recently when my younger sister got one that I realized I need to jump aboard this bandwagon. Before this community I wasn't even aware that there were so many other options!

My sister has a small diva cup 1 and she loves it, but I'm concerned if such a thing would work with me. Looking at the sizing guide I felt entirely overwhelmed and I didn't just want to go out and buy a Diva Cup because my sister did considering we are so different.

My stats:

First, I'm 28, not a virgin, never had children. I checked for my cervix based upon the sizing and style guide, and it definitely isn't easy to get to and according to my husband, it's way up there. So I definitely was wanting a longer cup. I felt overwhelmed with the amount of choices and this is where I wanted to rule the diva out concerned that I'm not over 30 but close(almost 29) and I worried a small would be too small. On my period(which should arrive Thursday, so I plan on checking my cervix a few more times during my cycle as well) I'm usually pretty heavy for the first 2-3 days, filling a super tampon in 90 minutes to 2 hours pretty easily, and have a tendency to clot, therefore I wanted a cup that would hold a good amount. I also worry that sometimes I can even leak on a tampon if I don't get to the restroom fast enough and at times I can easily push out a tampon just by using the restroom. I'm just feeling super overwhelmed and don't want to just get a diva cup(unless that does become the best choice) because that's what is readily available to me. I worry too about how long I can go on a cup because when on a tampon I used to panic(I'm a teacher) about how quickly I could get to the restroom to change it on a heavy day, and as other teachers may know getting to a restroom during a school day is sometimes difficult. I figured I'm on summer vacation and this would be a good time to try out a menstrual cup and see how I like it before trying to go back to a busy school year and worrying about my cup.

So any suggestions are welcomed, I just didn't want to go into this and buy the first thing I saw and expect it to work for me, because knowing myself what works for my sister doesn't always work for me.

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate this great community!
Tags: buying decisions, sizes/size issues

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