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Calling low cervix cup users - what cups work for you?

I would love to hear from anyone with a low cervix (no higher than 1.25 inches 'up') and what cups have worked!

Here's my previous post regarding the issues I've had with this:

I've used a Diva 2 for 8 months now, and although I do love this cup, it is too long for me. I ONLY use it inside out (approx. 2 inches in length). I just bought a Lg Lunette since it is shorter, yet forgetting that the I/O Diva is the same as the Lg Lunette in length. The Lunette irritated me even more than the  with the ridges and stem cut completely off. It does not work inside out -- too stiff to grab and slippery.

For the first few days of my flow my cervix is barely 1.25 inches up. Both cups 'stick out' of me on these days, even when seated properly around my cervix, and doing any exercise practically pushes  the cup out. If i sit around the house all day it's not a problem.

So here I am...back to trying to find a cup the same softness as the Diva but much shorter, and no lines. Even if i have to buy a small cup and empty it more often, it's better than it falling out and being very uncomfortable to exercise with.

I'm considering a small Lunette or possibly medium Meluna, however I would much rather use silicone than TPE.   The difference in length between Lg and Small Lunette is VERY small -- only 5 mm or 0.1 inch (2 inches vs 1.9 inches); therefore I'm not sure it will make any difference.  Squishiness is also a factor as I prefer the softer Diva to the stiffer Lg Lunette. The sm Lunette is supposed to be similar in softness to the Diva.

Thankyou for any help!!
Tags: cervix position, divacup, lunette, meluna

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