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After forgetting about menstrual cups after a recommendation from a friend, I recently took up the search again. I'm moving abroad in a couple weeks and I wanted to reduce the amount of sanitary products I'll need to pack/be more eco-conscious/reduce leakage.

I did some searching and bought a small DivaCup which worked fantastically on my dry run a few weeks ago. No problems with insertion and I felt the telltale pop after just a few seconds. I wanted to give it another (few) dry run(s) as my period is soon and, unfortunately, it's just not going to work. What seemed like the perfect size two weeks before my period is much too long now, even with a trimmed stem. I couldn't even find my cervix before and now it's less than a finger's length away.

But! Thanks to all the great information here, especially the comparison spreadsheet (thanks, ankhst!) and comparison photos (you rock, melissa569!), I've decided to spring for a small Lunette. The shape is appealing to me viscerally and the stats show me that it's enough shorter that I hope not to have an issue with my cervix position. The only thing I can hope is that it gets here in time to try out during my period!

Thanks again, everyone, for collaborating on this great resource!

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