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picking a cup

Hi guys, I had a smaller-sized UK mooncup about 4 years ago.  Heard about it while I was living abroad (I'm from the US) and liked it.  I lost it a year or so ago, and I finally have decided to replace it.  But wow! I didn't realize there were so many options!  I'm leaning toward Lunette after scouring a bunch of entries here, but I'd love a second opinion

I'm 26, not a virgin, never been pregnant.  I have heavy periods (on the first day or two, I go through a super absorbency tampons in 2-4 hours, depends on how big the clots are...), very bad cramps.  My cervix is always very low.  Probably never more than 3/4 of a finger away.  The mooncup seemed kind of long to me, edging too low even after i cut off the stem.

I didn't have major problems with the mooncup.  I could get it in and out fine, although I'm not sure exactly how I folded it.  I'm not squeamish...just poked around till it got in place!  I always had a little leakage, but less than with tampons.  I did notice that my cramps were sometimes even worse with the cup, though, even after using it for a few years, which is why I didn't replace it till now.

Lunette (the smaller one) seems good:  it's short, holds a lot, not too wide. The stem doesn't matter to me (never used it on the mooncup).

My questions:

1. Shape:  Do the "hoop skirt" cups feel different than the mooncup?  Harder to get in, more likely to cause cramps?  If they DO feel less comfortable, are there shorter alternatives to the mooncup?

2. Position: Does it matter that the mooncup sometimes "rode up" inside me?  Is that bad? Does it mean I should look for some particular characteristic for my next cup?

3. Softness:  Looks like the UK mooncup and Lunette are similar in their firmness.  Would a softer cup cause less cramps?  Is there a soft, short cup that isn't terribly low-capacity?

4. Nuvaring: my doc told me not to use a cup while i have a nuvaring in because the cup might prevent the nuvaring from having 100% contact with my vagina and therefore make it less effective.  This seems silly...but for practical help, does it matter what cup i use if i want to fit the nuvaring up alongside it?

Thank you!  This community is such a great source of information
Tags: buying decisions, nuvaring
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