odd_radish (odd_radish) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Confused about WHICH cup to get

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to buy a menstrual cup and I've followed the advice of the Menstrual Cup Size Charts but I am still confused.

I checked for my cervix, and I barely reached it so I am going for a longer cup.

I am a teenager, but I am not a virgin. I am unsure how wide I should get.

I usually soak up a regular Tampax pearl tampon in a matter of hours with my heaviest flow. So I want a little bit more than that for capacity. Maybe between 12-15 ml (honestly, I don't care as much so long as I am able to leave the cup in for longer periods of time than I would a tampon)

This is the first cup I've had so I'm really unsure about what shape would be best :S.

I'm kind of lost despite the help...so I would appreciate any advice you guys could offer me.

I appreciate the help, thanks :)

Tags: buying decisions

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