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First Timer...Satisfied!

Well, I received my DivaCup just in time to try it out. I have irregular periods, meaning I get them a few times a year but when I do, its very heavy and will last for a long time. At times, I can go through a super plus tampon in an hour for the first 2 days. I go through boxes of tampons when it comes and a lot of money wasted. Someone recommended Instead softcups and so I tried them and I can't stand them. It's messy, leaks and a hassle to pull out. They are very much unpleasant to deal with and will never, ever even think about using them again! While searching online for a more reliable cup, I read about the Divacup and read so many good reviews and bought one.

I used it for the first time a couple of days ago and have to admit, it was awesome. I have been searching this site before I used it so I have been trying the different techniques some of the other users have been using and found the right one for me. I have not leaked at all and I have found that I don't get as much cramps as I did when using tampons. Actually, wearing the DivaCup is more comfortable for me than tampons and I barely felt like I had anything in.
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