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Another lurker coming out :) I'm 16 and a virgin, just convinced my mother to order a femmecup for me yay!

Tried a mini non-applicator tampons for my first period when I was 14 and it refused to go in, so I stuck with pads (I'm a Singaporean, and most people here only use pads) for a year. Now I've gotten the hang of tampons but it still frustrates me a great deal that they leak a lot. Maybe it's my fault for using minis, but I really can't be bothered to buy them in more than one size. And furthermore, even minis can hurt pretty badly, not taking any chances. 

I have irregular periods, which means I get them maybe once every two months. Most times my periods are very light, and even mini tampons become hard to insert, then once or twice a year I get horribly heavy flows. 

Okay so I'm just very happy to have discovered this site, and -crosses fingers- I hope to have my life changed in a couple of weeks! :D 

Question: how do you even tell if you have a hymen? 
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