Such a sucker for a sweet talker (mariifly) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Such a sucker for a sweet talker

Large Lunette vs. large Fleurcup questions.


I'm thinking of buying a large cup for my heavier day(s). I'm very happy with my small Lunette and since the large isn't too big (I have a low cervix) a large Lunette was my first choice when i started looking. But I'm looking at the size charts and I see that the large Fleurcup is the exact same size as the large Lunette but the Fleurcup holds 4ml more.
How is it possible that two cups are the same size, but has different capacity?

Does anyone have a photo of the two cups together?
Would anyone that has both cups be willing to fill the Lunette with water up to the holes and then pour it into the Fleurcup and tell me if theres a lot more room in the Fleurcup?

To go with the Lunette seems like a safe bet since I'm very happy with my small one, but I would like the extra capacity with the Fleurcup..
Tags: brand comparisons, fleurcup, lunette
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