dandan04 (dandan04) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Just happy

Its been about 7 months with my Lilac Cup, and while I am over the 'looking forward to my period' stage, I still am just so damn happy to have a cup for my periods now, it just makes everything a dream.

And I had that Black Eyed Peas song 'my humps' in my head, but changed the word hump to cup, and it expresses my joy perfectly. :)

"My cup... My cup, my cup, my cup... my lovely lady cup, check it out!"

Also, I was getting a bit sad last month, because my lovely lady was getting stained, and no amount of leaving it in the sun was getting rid of it. So then I boiled it for the first time in months, dropped in a teaspoon of bi-carb soda, and she came up new again! So happy with the result.

Just thought I'd share the love. :D
Tags: cleaning, success stories
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