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Getting a diva cup trouble

im 17 and been talking to my mom for weeks on getting a cup preferably the diva cup and she seemed ok with it after i showed her this website and she is still a little put off about them no matter what i say i really want one and there is no stores around my town that i cant get my friend to drive me to. my zip is 77575 and she told my dad about it today and he said im not getting one that it is gross and i told him they last for ten years and there is chemicals in tampons and all that stuff but i really want one bad after a few days on my period tampons hurt to insert from them drying my out and i love the idea of a cup...what could i do? and my friends mom wont get me one either.... would someone donate one from their collection to me or something please i would really appreciate it alot  i really want one :( :( :( i would buy one but my parents would have to pay for it

thank you

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