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First-time user proclaims CUP LOVE!

 I hesitated a moment before posting this because I didn't want to jinx myself but I'm so excited...MY VERY FIRST 24 HOURS USING A CUP HAVE BEEN FABULOUS! I bought a large Lunette two weeks ago after many hours of reading here. A few practice inserts converted me to the 7-fold but I wasn't sure what to expect when I was using it "for real" during my period. I got my period yesterday morning, did my first "real" insertion, stirred once or twice with my finger, heard a faint gurgling sound and - POP - I was sealed. NO leaks yesterday, NO leaks last night, NO leaks during a 12-hour wearing today. NOT A SPOT! After years of pads and tampons (I'm 46), and so many gory accidents, I'm thrilled. Plus, the weather here is incredibly hot, so it was lovely not to need a bulky, sticky pad.

The removals have been a bit, um, dramatic because I have very heavy flow, but I managed. I felt a tiny twinge in my urethra at one point today but I think that may have been from some pressure or rubbing by the stem, so I'll be trimming that a bit.

All credit and a million thanks go to everyone here - your extensive posts, photos and helpful responses made this possible. Thank you!

So now that I'm head over heels (vag over heels?) in love with my cup, here's my question: aside from telling every menstruating woman I know who will listen, what can I do to make cups available to more women? Is there someplace I can donate to that provides cups or cup education to women in developing countries, or an organization that advocates for cup use to be mentioned in health ed classes in schools? I know that some women will choose not to use cups, but after struggling for 34 years to contain my menstrual blood, I'd like to do something to help make cups available to girls and women who want to use them but don't have access or information.
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