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Need help buying a better cup than this one.

I was so excited about the arrival of my divacup size 2. I inserted it but it was quite uncomfortable. After spending some hours on this forum I tried it inside out. That felt a LOT better.

It does not leak, and makes me feel cleaner and secure. However, I get cramps! I slept with it last night and this morning I could hardly walk because I was so sore. I took the cup out, made the suction holes bigger and inserted it again, but very quickly had to take it out.
My husband had to drop off the kids and I lied on the couch, with a tampon in. After an hour it was better and I now wear the divacup again (inside out). I still feel it a bit, but not as bad. Who can help me choose a new and better cup?

I am doubting between the mooncup uk and the meluna medium. I wonder if the mooncup uk is short enough and I am afraid that the meluna medium will leak because of the diameter. I also intend to use the cup before my period as I usually spot a few days before it really starts.

Some info
I am 32
I had 3 kids by vaginal birth
I tried touching my cervic this morning, it is about 6 cm, while squatting
the divacup 2 inside out is very secure. It does ride up. I can hardly touch the brim when it is in

I really hope somebody here can give me some wisdom! I love this forum and have already spent many hours reading on it.
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, cramps, divacup, inside-out, meluna, mooncup (uk), sizes/size issues
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