dancer69566 (dancer56669) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My Bad Cup Experience

I love my menstrual cups-fleurcup and lady cup. (Along with my cloth pads) And will never go back to disposables, yada yada yada but I had a really bad experience while on vacation.

This was the first time rinsing in a public restroom. My family had just checked into the hotel and we were going to go to the beach which was twenty minutes away. We went to the lobby restroom to change into swimsuits (too early to check in). I went first. I was kind of uncomfortable changing it but luckily it was a single person bathroom so I could rinse in the sink. When I pulled it out, my worst nightmare come true: It fell in a public toilet. I panicked. Like a scared little girl who was just potty trained I poked my head out and asked my mom to come in.."what do I do???" She said just rinsing with hot water was fine. I rinsed with the hottest water I could until my hands were beat red.
Of course I forgot I had another clean cup in my backpack I could have switched to.

Three days later I came down with a UTI. I don't know if it had anything to do with my toilet drama, or just the cup in general. (I heard they can cause irritation leading to a UTI). Anyway, after a gallon and a half of cranberry juice and antibiotics I am cured. Next cycle, just to be safe I am sticking with my cloth pads to keep that UTI at bay.
Tags: uti (urinary tract infection)

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