sillydraydray (sillydraydray) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So I just got done with my first cycle with my yuuki cup I loved it, it was so much better. But when I boiled it and it dried there is like white powder stuff idk what it is really its not really powder its just I can feel it but it rinses off. I thought it might be the water I just used tap could that be it? And this isn't directly related to my cup but I thought my period was moderate to heavyish flow but  I really left my cup in for 8 hours and it wasn't even to the 5 ml line. I was sick but I don't think that would make it lighter since it came at a normal time. I know people say that they bleed a lot less than they thought but that seems crazy I bet I could have left my cup in my whole period without filling it up (not that I would) so I just wanted to know if anybody was A LOT lighter than they thought when they used tampons
Tags: cleaning - boiling, yuuki
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