Viv (hunnyviv) wrote in menstrual_cups,

few questions

I've had a good couple runs w/ the DivaCup and I'm waiting for my keeper to show up but I have a couple questions. And yes like most there may be some TMI ahead :)

1. I usually can't feel the cup but at night it just HURTS. I usually empty it before bed, rinse and reinsert. After a hour or two it just HURTS. It actually feels almost like reallllllly bad gas pains or weird gastro issues that I've had before but the meds that caused that are looooooong gone. The first night I got up and reinserted and was fine but the second night I just REFUSED to get up for that and eventually fell asleep....y does it only hurt at night????could it have shifted far enough up to press the cervix? I have to wear the cup very high anyway or it will NOT pop open but it doesn't normally hurt.

2. I'm thinking the other night that the cup didn't open but I didn't have any spills or leaks... When I emptied the cup there was almost nothing in it...thought that was odd...but I rinsed it out and reinserted. But it went in WAY easier than normal....I quickly figured out that when I pulled the cup out all the goo was left behind...i found it when i was done reinserting and pulled my hand out...gooed. Could the cup have not opened and everything just collected at the spot? When I pulled the cup BACK out to rerinse the buildup? came out and dumped like it should have....very odd but has it happened to any of ya'll?????
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