accphotography (accphotography) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My new MeLunas are here!!!

And the awesome guy that is Frank not only made sure that I got the old shiny ones (as requested) but threw in a bonus ring stem large!! I'm stoked!!! I've got a large basic stem and I've wondered of some type of stem might be slightly easier for me, so now I'll get to find out! I'm also excited to try something smaller than the large (for my light days and occasional CM) as the large is a pretty snug fit. I am pleasantly surprised at how large the medium is. It's much bigger than I expected and will hold alot more than I'd have thought. I may end up using that one WAY more often than I expected. I'm also totally tickled by the small. It is the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen!! It's pretty tiny, but truthfully, it's probably not quite as tiny as I expected. I think this will be an EXCELLENT cup for my last day or two of light discharge and really great for my CM days. I expect this one to be SUPER comfy. :-D

I'm so excited!!! My camera is charging right now so I can't post pics yet, but I will as soon as it's done!

Thanks Frank and MeLuna! You guys rock!
Tags: customer service, meluna

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