cassyh74 (cassyh74) wrote in menstrual_cups,

details on yuuki fleurcup and meluna please

Hello I am a new member of this site but I have spent weeks researching and trolling the site for info.  thanks for all the info btw ladies I really appreciate it.  My question is I have narrowed my selection of cups to the sm yuuki, sm. fleurcup, sm ladycup, and med meluna.  I have a few concerns the rim on the meluna looks more defined than the others.  does anyone have issues with being able to feel the rim?  the ladycup looks slippery.  and does anyone know how the fleurcup rates against the yuuki side by side comparison?  I am poor so I really want to try to make a good choice first off and I am also somewhat obsessive so I tend to analyze.  Right now my choices are 1 - yuuki but there seems to not be as much info about this cup and a lot seem to have issues with it opening  2- fleurcup again not as much info 3 - meluna but smaller capacity and mixed overall reviews 4 - ladycup slightly more expensive but seems to have decent reviews looks slippery.  Any and all info would help thank you all so much.

just did some more research and ladycup is out because of capacity so help with the other 3 thanks.
Tags: brand comparisons
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