brow987b (brow987b) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Advice needed please (possibly TMI, sorry!)

Ok, I'm a newbie and tried to look for a post on this elsewhere on here but couldn't find anything!!

Okay, so basically I used a Mooncup for the first time last week! I am pleased to say it went really well! Hardly any leaks and managed to get it in and out without any pain for the duration of my period!! (",)

HOWEVER, I finished my period and for a few days after, my discharge was slightly discoloured with a hint of brown. I thought nothing of it and just assumed it was the last bit of blood coming out. Then two days after the hint of colour was gone, my boyfried and I got engaged in a bit of foreplay....he was doing this for a few minutes, however, when he removed his fingers they were covered in brown discharge and when I looked at my cream duvert cover it looked like a bird had pooed on it! There was a splatter of dark brown/black discharge on it and it just looked gross!!

This has never happened before and I actually almost cried due to embarrassment! Luckily my partner is long term as really understanding!

I just want to know if this has happened to anyone else? I assume this is something to do with the Moon Cup as it has never happened before! I am really scared to use it again as I can't bear the thought of it happening again! Not only is it scary and embarrassing, but messy on the freshly washed sheets too!!

Thanks for reading!

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