ever_my_own (ever_my_own) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I love my Mooncup UK, BUT.....

I've had my Mooncup UK for a few years, but not actually used it that many times (got it a cycle before I got pregnant, then nearly 2 years later I used it for 3 or 4 before becoming pregnant again, and now I'm on my first proper period since baby #2). I'm one of those lucky people who got the first cup they discovered, and never had any insertion or removal problems, and never leaked - until today.

The problem it seems is a capacity one rather than a size/positioning one - I (over)filled my cup 3 times in 2 hours first thing this morning. Having a one year old who likes to follow me to the toilet and try to put his hands in it, and a three year old who will open the door for him if I try to shut him out (no lock) it is just not convenient to change it that frequently if there's another option, but on the other hand I don't have money to waste if a change of cup is just not likely to work.

So, I'm currently using a size B (small) Mooncup UK, I'm 27 and have 2 children (c/s and vaginal) but the small Mooncup UK is perfect size except for the capacity - is there anyone else who has swapped from a great fitting small Mooncup UK to something with higher capacity with no problems? I wouldn't want to risk a smaller diameter cup, and certainly can't go much longer, so looking at the size charts the large Lunette was my first thought, as it's just slightly bigger both ways but much better capacity - has anyone make this change successfully, or should I just stick with what works and put up with changing it?

Thanks :o)

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