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I love my new LadyCups

I just wanted to share my excitement about succesfully using my new LadyCups.

I used my UK Mooncup for 2 cycles, and although I really liked it it was a little small for my heavy days and I had days when it would leak no matter how I inserted it. I wanted to experiment with a different brand and thought the squishiness of the LadyCups sounded good. I decided on a LilacCup then went a little nuts and ordered a mixed pack (2 cups, 1 small and 1 large) because you can never have too many cups right? And they are so pretty!!!!

When they arrived I did a dry run with each of them. I loved the large but couldn't get the small to pop open. A few days ago I had a crampy feeling like I was about to get my period. I didn't think that I actually would because it wasn't due for at least a week but decided to use a cup just to be on the safe side, and figured another dry run wouldn't hurt anyway.

I tried the small LadyCup and it opened straight away. I then forgot about it for the rest of the day and the crampy feeling went away. That night when I took the cup out I was very surprised that it was half full. Apparently my period decided to come early (not that I mind because I get to use my new cups)

I switched to my large LadyCup which I have been using for the past 3 days. On the first day I got a bit crampy after inserting it, so since then I have been more careful about it's placement in relation to my cervix. Today was a medium/heavy day and as I was increadibly busy I didn't even think about checking my cup for 11 hours. When I did stop for a bathroom break I was very happy to see that although the cup was quite full it still hadn't reached the holes and hadn't leaked!!!!!!! I am almost confident enough to go without my cloth pads as backup.

I love my new LadyCups

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