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Happy with My First Cup And wikiHow Articles :)

My period finally came, and I got to try out my DivaCup. I'm so excited because I haven't had any spotting. And it's so comfy! YAYAYAYAY! The only thing I have to work on is getting the cup out with less mess. Any tips? But other than that all my initial questions were answered by browsing through this community. Anyways I was really excited so I worked on a few wikiHow articles about cups:

How to Use a Menstrual Cup
How to Choose a Menstrual Cup
How to Clean a Menstrual Cup
How to Decide About Using a Menstrual Cup
How to Use an Instead Softcup

I'm thinking about splitting the first article into two as it's rather lengthy. I expanded the section about using cups, however the first section about choosing a cup is still pretty short and I don't feel as knowledgeable bout that. Anyone please feel free to edit the articles and add some more info. :) You don't have to have a wikihow account, you can just go ahead and edit if you like. You can add self made pics if you like too, cause I've pretty much depleted Wikipedia of all the good ones.
Tags: cleaning, divacup, papers/articles/pamphlets, removal, success stories
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