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Congratulations and Thank you!

Hi every body!
I'm Pierre Beltran, YES a guy!
Some time ago (almost a year now), I was looking through doing an ecological project and a friend told me about the problem of disposable Tampons and Pads.
I found it very interesting as I never thought about it and was blown away by the dimension of pollution that those products were causing, not to mention all the discomfort and heath problems that could also cause for the women!
So I started to study a lot and getting into the subject. Now, I'm proud to say that I'm one of first persons to Import, Distribute and Represent a brand of cups into Mexico, the Femmecup and the Sea sponges, Jade & Pearl!!
I want to CONGRATULATE ALL OF YOU not only for making the change which will help us having a better world but also for all the knowledge you share and provide through this amazing website which has and still is Providing TONS of help to me!!!
You have been very inspiring! So even tho people tell me I'm crazy,  I'm convinced to do my best to make Mexican Women (and non Mexican) know there is more ecological and healthy alternatives for them (Cups, Sea Sponges and Reusable Pads).


For a better world....
Smiles to all!


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