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My Report after first cycle with Diva Cup

So, first cycle with Diva cup was great!
No leaks at all!   I have a heavy day (hubby and I call it BLAP day bleed like a pig day)   and even though I checked it often because I was afraid it would fill up,  I think I could have gone 8 hours without cleaning it.  Where as with a tampon, it would leak after 1 hour.

I also found that my cervix likes to be low some days, and a tampon gets pushed out, and I can feel it at the opening of my vagina, but with the cup, it moved where my body wanted it to be, either high or low, I didnt feel it at all.

It's a keeper!

Thanks all,  I have been reading all your posts, and I attribute my success to this community, you all have been great!
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