rhainorshine (rhainorshine) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cup staying folded

I've had really good luck with my cup so far, but ran into some difficulties today and would appreciate any advice you all might have. At the end of a super heavy flow day i washed my cup and attempted to reinsert, but i can't get it to pop open. I've tried all my little twists and  tricks and several more i read here to no avail. The cup just remains collapsed in half inside me, sort of like the first step of a c-fold for insertion. 

I had to put a tampon in, and left the cup air drying from a second wash after about a dozen attempts. I never had this many issues even on the first try, no matter what i do the cup seems to remain squished completely shut inside me and won't open up agin unless i remove it first. 

Any advice very welcome thanks! 
Tags: insertion

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