dreastar920 (dreastar920) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Loving the cups

Hi everyone :)

I'm new to this community and only discovered menstrual cups about a month ago. I bought a large lilac ladycup then decided to go ahead and get a  large diana lunette a couple of weeks ago.

When i got my period I was actually excited to try them out. Never thought I'd be excited about getting my period...

My period is finished now and i have officially fallen in love with the cups. I always thought my flow was pretty heavy but my cups were never even filled half way.  I guess my birth control finally lightened my flow. Should I get a smaller one? I'm liking the colors of those new melunas....

BTW: does anyone have lunette's cup wash? I bought it but am not really liking the smell it leaves
Tags: cleaning, success stories

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