sillydraydray (sillydraydray) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Um.. Did my cup make me bleed

So i got my first cup today I boiled it then let it cool and tried a dry run. I got it in ok maybe a little harder than I thought but got it in and I couldn't feel it at all it was amazing and I walked around, layed down, just to see if I could feel it I couldn't. Then I decided to take it out. It was about the same as putting it in I'm not a person to panic a lot so I just kept tryin when it wouln't come out at first I kept tryin. When I got it out there was blood in it. Which made me nervous my period is due any day now but I'm not bleeding right now so I don't know what happened. Could bumpin my cervix cause that or what. Thats the only thing that has really made me worried I don't want to irritate my cervix. Has this happened to anyone?
Tags: dry run

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