stateofbalance (ex_stateofb) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi, I am a new Diva cup user and this is my first cycle where I hope to be using the cup. I didn't have much success during my attempts at dry runs, so I decided to wait until I was actually on my period and things were a little different down there. This ended up working well for me and I am able to get the cup in fairly easily; yay for that! :] I am having a little trouble getting it to open up so that it is fully round once it is in me. I can just barely get my finger in there to feel around the cup, and it feels squashed. I've tried pressing on the bottom of the cup (which isn't fully round either) to let a little air in and that doesn't seem to work. The holes around the top are clean. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, it was very messy while I was trying to play around with the cup and get it to open, but when I removed it, there was some blood in the cup as well. Does that mean my flow was partially missing the cup?

Thanks in advance.
Tags: first time use

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