pieke (pieke) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New small blue MeLuna with stem arrived with...

 ... another medium green one with ring :D For free!! (though it was accompagnied with a little leaflet saying it has minor faults like shape or colour, i only found it a little squished (but the blue one was a bit squished aswell) but otherwise perfect, going to try it out for sure!). Underneath are some pics, compared to the one i already had, a Small red Fleur with the stem cut in half.

Small red Fleur, Small blue MeLuna Small red Fleur, Small blue MeLuna Small red Fleur, Medium green MeLuna Small red Fleur, Medium green MeLuna Medium green MeLuna, Small blue Meluna 

I found the squishiness to be the same. I think now my collection is taking form. I haven't tried them yet.
I ordered the small blue MeLuna cause the small Fleur fits me perfectly but is a bit too big for my lighter days as my cervix sits really low then aswell. The small MeLuna is the smallest one outthere with her 40mm. I bet the blue one will be what i was looking for, with the same frosty feel, the rings on the base, the squishiness i'm used too...
I'm a happy camper! I never even thought of ordering the ring stem on a cup but now, i can't wait to try it out :)
Thank you MeLuna!!
Tags: brand comparisons, cervix position, customer service, fleurcup, meluna

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